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Amiantit Fiberglass® Industries Ltd (AFIL), commissioned in 1977, as a Flowtite® GRP pipes systems and fittings manufacturer at the first industrial area in Dammam Saudi Arabia. Since then AFIL has produced more than 10 million meters (32.8 million feet) of Flowtite®’s continuous advancing mandrel processed Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipes, which represents the state of the art in GRP pipe production technology. This process allows the use of continuous glass fibre reinforcements in the circumferential direction.

AFIL has supplied and supported its products nationally and internationally and delivered to countries at the Mediterranean Sea like Egypt, Syria and Libya and to countries at the Pacific Ocean like Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. Destinations in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Iran, Pakistan and Turkmenistan have also received GRP pipes from AFIL.

AFIL standard product size ranges from 80mm to 4000mm in diameter with Stiffness Class (STIS) between 1250 N/m2 and 10000 N/m2 and Pressure Class (PC) up to 32 bar.

Underground and Aboveground Chemical, fuel, food, water and sewage storage tanks of capacity up to 48000USG (182m3), structural manholes, GRP liners and inspection chambers are part of AFIL long list of standard and custom-made products.


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